Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Splash Grounds

Last week we went to the splash grounds. For a $1 per kid and a morning full of energy burning activity you can't beat it. At first Emerson was a little weary.
She brought her boyfriend, Ben and contemplated what this place was all about.
Soon she realized it was a place to have fun and she was off!
Running all over the place. There were large buckets overhead that tipped over and I had to keep deterring her. She was mesmerized by them and she would have surely been taken out by one!
We brought our bucket and sand toys. They were a big hit. Although every two minutes another kid had swiped hers. Next time, we need to mark her name on it. Check out her beach bod. Those roley poly legs!

The kids had a blast splashing around. Stopping the flow of water with their hands.

E. was Miss Independent walking all over, by herself. She didn't want to play with me at all! I probably looked nuts calling her name and her walking away. Next we went over to the wading pool. It was about a foot high so the babies could toddle around. Emerson had other plans and thought it was her opportunity to show off her swimming techniques. She would throw herself face first, completely submerging her head. I kept getting some stern looks from the lifeguard like I was supervising her sufficiently. But, seriously she would swat my hand away. I guess she needs one of those floaty suits if she thinks she is ready for the deep end. We had a great time and I see many more trips this summer to the splash grounds in our future.

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