Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neighborhood Fun


We have been loving this warm weather. Not that we had a cold winter but, it's been so pleasant. We love a back street for the kids to play in. Since a lot of our neighbors have kids it has become our own little block party in the evenings. Everyone has been taking turns in riding in Ben's car. You would think as often as Emerson has rode in it that it's hers. Here is Emerson and Ezra in a modified two seater. 

I think she may have trouble letting others drive alone. Here she is with Annabelle cruising along. 

We have had a few collisions with Ben.  Our very own bumper cars. 


Ezra finally got a turn on it's on. It's hard when you are the little one. He looks like he thinks he is so cool driving with one hand!

Ezra loves being outside and playing with all the other kids. Seriously, one foot on the ball? Ha!

I just want to kiss him looking at this picture!

Ezra walking with Daddy. I feel like he has grown up faster being around all the big kids! It has been such a blessing to have great neighbors. What a fun summer is ahead!

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