Friday, June 29, 2012

The End of Dance Season

A full year of dance flew by before we knew it and it was the last day of dance class. I wanted to document the occasion but of course I got no eye contact.

But, she did allow me to put a hair clip in.  It made it about half way through class so I was very impressed! On her last day we got to sit through the entire class and see what they had learned. Emerson got quite a bit of stage fright and didn't love everyone staring. 
Here is her final dance.  It made me very glad she wasn't in the recital this year. But, I'm hopefully that by next year she will be comfortable on stage. By the way it's hard to film with a steady hand and keep a certain toddler from rushing the "stage."

In her class when the stretch, the make a butterfly and go around the circle telling where their butterfly is going. It cracked me up because Emerson had the most elaborate, long response about princesses and castles. It was very creative I'll give her that!

It was a great year and Emerson loved her teacher. All the girls became good friends and we decided to register them all together next year in Ms. Kristen's class again! How fun! So Emerson will get to see her friends in September and will be sporting new tap shoes in addition to ballet. 

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