Monday, June 11, 2012

Ezra is 14 mths…so here are his 12 mth pics

After a long blog break with lots of busyness I figured I needed to post
Ezra's 12 month pictures. It just so happens he is 14 months today. Seriously?!?! Where has my baby gone. Anyways aside from my moping here are pictures of the scrumptious little boy. I did a 15 minute session and he was ham as usual. Emerson was an excellent assistant. I told her to make him happy and she certainly did! In a couple years I think she will be a big help on shoots.
I was worried to take his pictures since he is so active and at this point was already walking. But, for some reason he loves little furniture so he was happy as a clam to sit in a chair his size. An orange, or "ball" to him helped too.

Isn't he dreamy??

My favorite pictures. He was just bursting with excitement!


I asked Emerson from the beginning, do you want me to take your picture. She adamantly said, "No, no!" So I let her keep her outfit on. Otherwise I would have tried to coordinate a bit. But, she couldn't restrain herself when she saw him getting all the attention. Her facial expressions are priceless. I'm not sure Ezra knew what to make of it. In the top right, I told her to act like Rapunzel and this is what she gave me. Ha! I love it.


On dramatic b&w. Wonder what they are thinking about?? I bet, how great their Mom is!
(In reality they were looking at the neighbors dog.)

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