Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miss E.

Mtns 4_12-88
This girl is growing up fast. She seems to grow a half inch a day and you would have never known that she use to below 5% in height. Now she is a whopping 15% thank you very much. Three has come with lots of challenges, by far the toughest year yet. But, her silliest and quirks are the funniest yet.

I just wanted to share a few things she has been saying lately. Whenever I go to the store she always ask me for everything she sees. To avoid the temper tantrum of a full out no I tell her she will have to ask her Daddy. So when we went to Target (Really do we go anywhere else?) I spotted a bathing suit that I liked. So I asked Emerson what she thought about it. I trust her fashion sense most of the time. She turned around and told me, "Yeah, but you'll have to ask your Daddy." I about died, people walking around us about died too. She has also start to piece together that you get special things for your birthday. She'll see something she loves, or wants to do something and will say, "I can get this for my birthday!" Although it's 9 months away but she doesn't know that. Might as well be tomorrow. She also showed me every princess that she wants for her birthday. About 6 more in all. We'll have to work on that materialism. :) Her conversations are really funny. She has to tell everyone she meets about her latest boo boo as if it happened 5 minutes ago. She chats with her friends from our patio when they are on their porch and I wish I could record these conversations. Her new thing is talking about when she gets bigger. If I eat this, "I'll grow bigger and bigger." "When I get bigger I'm going to wear a ring like mommy." Lastly when she looked at my wedding picture she saw that I had a long veil and said, "Mommy you had long long hair like Rapunzel!" If I'm equivalent to Rapunzel in a 3 year old's eyes that must make me pretty cool.  She has changed so much! Just to think this was her just two years ago!

Looking at these I realize how much lighter Ezra's hair is than hers!

Upon seeing these Emerson wanted to know what she was wearing of course and about those shoes.

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