Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ezra 13 months

I've seriously slacked off the blog updates. I had every intention of finishing up Easter, maybe updating on Emerson's party (which was gasp in February),  Ezra's party, one year pictures, etc. But, life got crazy with daily chores, activities, and busyness that I had didn't have the time. When I realized that Ezra was 13 months old two days later I knew it was time for a small update. Mark and I both agree that Ezra has grown up faster than Emerson did and it really seems all of the sudden. He imitates so many things we do and really seems to understand how things work. The other day he took the trash can out of the bathroom to play with. When he was done he carried it back and slid it into the exact same location it was. He's a smart cookie! His walking has reached a near running pace and he is always on the go. Whenever he eats something he finds tasty he lets out a little giggle. I just love that giggle. When I change his diaper he sticks his toys up so I will tickle them. He's full of affection and gives me real hugs. He loves to lay his head down on my shoulder. His vocabulary is starting to build. The other day he said, "ball dada," and has finally started saying mama! He is full of surprises and really absorbs what Emerson does. He painted last week on paper with a paintbrush and loved it! Not finger painting but real painting. Ezra was very controlled and specific about putting the brush in color then painting. It was amazing! 
He has gotten two more teeth in the last week and his smile is adorable. So we are at 5 teeth total. 


He is such a funny, and sweet little guy. We couldn't love him anymore!

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