Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter Part 1

As usual I'm behind on chronologically posting events. Let's be honest I'm behind on almost everything.  The week of Easter we did our now annual egg hunt with our neighbor, and best bud to Emerson, Ben. I tried to document the occasion and this is what Emerson gave me.  It was unsure that morning if were going to be able to go through with the hunt. It was raining, windy. Then the sun came out just in time!
We hid about 30 eggs. At first they were slow to find any and we were afraid it might take all day. But, they eventually hit their stride and began to crack open the treats. Ezra was napping but got to share in some victory goldfish at the end. Next year it will be quite different with Ezra and Zach in the mix to even out the competition. 

easter 12-2
My one artsy shot :)

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