Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dance Party

I've been terrible about taking pictures of the kids lately. So I made a point the other week to take some snapshots of our day. I had to document our dance party. Ezra has started to dance and join in on the fun. He gets low and swings his arms. Emerson does her interpretive dance as usual and runs around like a mad woman. 

We went upstairs and much to my surprise Emerson asked me to take her picture. She wanted to model and these are the poses she came up with. I was dying laughing. I can see us having lots of interesting pictures in the next year if she keeps this up.

The two of the them together. Both looking, not a chance! 

But, aren't they adorable! Emerson was very excited apparently. 

This is what I'm dealing with these days. An adventurous climber. Do you notice his nose scrunch growl?? He does this whenever he is excited or thrilled with himself now. 

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