Monday, November 19, 2012

Winterpast Farms

A couple we made a visit to Winterpast Farms. It's a fun little farm you where you can stop by and feed the animals. We brought some apples, carrots, and cabbage to feed everyone. Ezra fed himself, while Emerson and our friend Ben fed the animals. There were donkeys, goats, and alpaca who greeted us when we arrived. A funny little pig followed us around begging for food. Ezra was terrified of the pig. She had such a wrinkly face you couldn't even see her eyes. I guess since all the animals were at eye level it was a little more intimidating. Someone even dropped off a turtle while were there. You can see the kids in the trunk of the van checking it out. 
I had heard about the farm initially when Emerson held a bunny at the mall from Winterpast Farms. You can even rent a bunny from the farm for a week, cage and all. So I knew the bunnies would be a big hit again. They were so fluffy with long plush fur. Emerson was a little skittish with the bunny tickling her with it's claws. 

Everyday I learn something new about Ezra. I thought for sure my sweet boy go crazy for a cute little bunny. He hated it. I dare say he was even grossed out by the bunny. Of all animals not to like!

But, I wasn't prepared for what happened next when Ezra pushed his poor bunny on the ground. 

After our tour we had a packed lunch. The kids also found a see saw to jump onto. It was more Ezra's speed than bunny holding. We had a fun morning and plan to go back soon!

Lastly here are two of our feathered friends. On the left is Farmer Mary's young peacock, Justin Beiber.  On the right, is a guinea. At first I thought they were kissing so I took a picture. But, then afterwards I realized they were rather annoyed with each other. Oops!

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