Monday, November 5, 2012

Ezra 18 months Old

Could he be the most handsome 18 month old in the world? Yes, yes he could. I've been waiting for so long to take "real" pictures of Ezra. So when I had a fancy lens rental I set out on a mission. But, after 5 minutes Ezra was sweating despite my efforts to capture his lovely locks. Although I suppose this way it shows exactly how he is at this stage. Sweaty, messy, and always sporting a boo boo. I figured I would give a few facts about Ezra at 18 months to keep us up to date.

-He finally started calling me Mommy instead of Daddy.He thinks stickers heal boo boos and if he gets a sticker on his hand for fun he thinks he has been hurt. He loves to eat and is quiet adventurous. 

-He will try most things I make and has an affinity for strong flavors such as garlic and curry. 

-His favorite snack lately is cashews, peanuts, and spicy pumpkin seeds. 

-He always surprises me with his new favorites! A new word that he uses quiet often is cereal. 

-He enjoys cereal with milk, making a mess, or maybe both. 

-He just had his first haircut.

-Ezra is starting to show a preference for what he wears. He really likes to wear a pair of socks from yellowstone with moose on it. But, since we are missing one he wears one striped sock with it. He really, really likes it that way. 

-Every morning he asks for my coffee. The answer hasn't changed but he still asks. 

-He tells me has to go potty and is really convinced he is potty trained. So much so that he thinks diapers are optional. 

-He likes to go streaking.

He thinks he is too old for a highchair, booster chair, etc. 

He is a big climber. 

He has grown up so much since April I can't imagine what the next 6 months holds.

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