Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ezra 19 months old


Ezra is nineteen months old and like any good mother I realized he was 19 months a couple days after the fact. These months seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Ezra is a busy boy, full of life. Last week he weighed in at almost 24lbs. I don't even think Emerson was 24lbs at the beginning of this summer. This month his language has really developed. He now says, "What's that?," about a 100 times a day. His other phrases include where's Daddy?, I want food, I want (cereal, orange, apple, etc.), No Mia, Let me see, and I'm sure plenty others that aren't coming to mind. He is starting to get in that defiant age of tantrums and fits. All the fun things that come with approaching two. He has also started fighting back to Emerson and voicing his opinion. Finally, he has started using the actual word no. When he doesn't get his way he will cross his arms and make an over-exaggerated pout.  It really just makes me laugh more than anything. 

He has excellent pronunciation on most things but for some reason after starting out saying "apple," he now says "bapple." When he says "hair," and "here" it's the same word. A very country sounding pronunciation. Not only does he point out body parts but he can say them as well. His favorite is eye, combined with a poke to the eye. He makes his own jokes, then lets out a fake laugh afterwards. It's so funny to watch because he thinks he's hysterical. 

 Since he turned one he has cut 11 teeth. Which might explain why he still doesn't sleep through the night. He still is an great eater. His mature palette includes an appreciation for rutabagas. 
He still is a sweet, affectionate boy. He always makes sure to blow kisses and say night, night to everyone even the dog. It blow my mind to think two years ago we were finding out that we were having a boy! I couldn't even begin to imagine what a blessing he would be.
Proof of his growing up way to fast. This was roughly 7 months ago. Seriously?!?
And a year ago… Look at the precious bald head. 

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