Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us your Life-Wedding Party/Flowers/Ceremony

This is the second part of Kelly's Korner Blog's "Show us your Wedding." First up are our wedding flowers. Since we got married in October I knew I wanted something bright and colorful to match the beautiful leaves. My bouquet include red roses, red dahlias, purple calalillies, berries, and a spark of purple. The bridesmaid flowers were similar except much smaller and without the calalillies. They were all tied up with a brown satin ribbon. I loved my florist. Once I saw her portfolio I knew I had to have her. She was already booked for another wedding so I begged and begged and got her to agree to just drop off my flowers at 6ish and I would do the rest. It was economically and I was completely thrilled with the results.

For my wedding party I had three flower girls (my beautiful nieces) who wore flowy ivory dresses and ballet slippers. Their Mom came up with the rest of their look with cute curls and a floral headdress.
Now for the bridesmaids who wore floor length brown satin gowns. They were made by Jim Helm and the bridal boutique matched the outlet price! They featured shirring in the torso which I thought complimented my gown. The ladies sported gold strappy sandals and matching accessories of their choice.
The guys wore bright red vests and ties with an light ivory shirt. Don't they look sharp??
We got married outside, on a pleasant fall day under a rugged arbor. Red rose petals lined the isles, (fake flowers I might add), that we got at oriental trading for $5. The next day the mountain wind blew them everywhere and I felt so bad, since I try to be earth conscious. :( For music I had a guitar play as I walked down the isle. During the ceremony my Aunt and Guitarist sang "It's your love," by Tim McGraw which was very special to me. Another singer also sang, "The Lord's Prayer." One memorable part of the ceremony was a pesky bee that really really liked us. My niece was kind of enough to yell out, "Amy Leigh, there is a bee!" :)
****Again, my pictures are being cut off! Come on blogger.


Brittany and Charlie said...

Love the fall colors and the beautiful landscape outside of your wedding:)

Amy and Mark said...

Thanks! We were fortunate to have such nice colors.

Rebekah said...

Fall weddings are the best! We were married in October as well, and!

Brittany said...

Amy your wedding was beautiful. I LOVE the flowers..they are amazing!

Rona's Home Page said...

I love the rich colors you used.
I've so enjoyed looking at all the ladies' wedding photos. There's so much love, beauty and creativity.
I love your dress. Everyone looks so gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!