Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our little beauty

I know I'm her Mom but she really takes the best pictures. I think she looks so beautiful and sweet right here. It's a little deceiving as she is rarely this still anymore. The trick was to put her in her crib where she can be mesmerized by her bird and tree bumper. It's bright green, pink, blue, yellow, and brown dots. So obviously you can help but stare at it. I had to get a picture of her in this onesie because I just love it and it sadly is almost too small. :( I figured we would try to get one or two more wears out of it. Unfortunately I think she wore it for about an hour before it was drenched in a diaper accident.
Sitting Pretty
E. has recently gained some major back muscles and been able to prop herself up sitting. I think she definitely will be sitting by 6 months. Here we are practicing in the crib. Don't worry I usually don't prop her beside a wooden rail. This was strictly for a photo op. I was there to catch her as she face planted into the mattress. Luckily she is super flexible so when she falls from sitting she bends and half and goes straight for her feet. So it's a win-win for her.

Pretending to nap
Oops! I've been caught!
Yesterday I put Emerson down for a nap while I ate my lunch. She looked super still so I assumed she was passed out. Much to my surprise when I walked to the kitchen she was just laying peacefully but NOT sleeping. I guess that's better than nothing, right? This was her reaction when she noticed I was around.
Just because..
I took this picture 2 weeks ago but just recently got around to editing and I love it. She look super fiesty, don't you think? But, at the same time still very much ladylike. She is already a true southern girl! I just want to add that 4 times in the past week I have been told that Emerson looks just like me! I was so flattered because of course I want to take any credit I can get for her cuteness. Also these were people who are not related to either Mark or myself so I feel like that's pretty legitimate. ;) I did look at a few of my baby pictures last week and I must say Emerson may look like me but she is much cuter than I ever was. Again I can say this because I am her Momma. If you guys say that it might hurt my feelings. Hehe.
Being adored
Here is E. being adored by her cousin Ashley who stopped by for a visit. She always seems shocked that people are so interested in her. Ha. See the surprised look. Alright I guess that is all for one of longest, most picture filled post in awhile. Enjoy!

FYI- I hear people say sometimes they didn't know I posted something...Well you can follow the blog so you will always know! It's on the side bar where it says you know, FOLLOWERS. :) So if you have a blog or gmail account there is no excuse. If not a good rule of thumb is a typically post a few times a week. So there you go!


Nichole said...

I love that first pic!! And how did you edit that one with the pearls? I really like it!

Amy and Mark said...

Thanks! I reduced the vibrancy of it a bit then added a warm sephia filter. I probably added vignetting too but I'm not sure. Ha.