Monday, July 27, 2009

5 Month shoot with homemade attire

The only grin I caught on camera all day.
A birthday kiss from Mia.
Our laundry basket prop did a good job of entertaining both Emerson and the dog.
What is she looking at? Seems interested in something.
Yep, something definitely is not right.
Emerson's view behind me. Someone should really control these critters.

I made Emerson some applique shirts this weekend. They aren't complete yet but did the job for a cute picture. By the way, look! Emerson has a bow in her hair. I think she is growing a tiny bit more back each day.
Hmmm...Why do I get so many pictures taken of me? I must be famous.
Is she bright enough for you? This is the new felt flower clip I made for her in addition to the dress I made her in my favorite pattern.

Bird's Eye View

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Brittany and Charlie said...

Adorable. Love the felt clip bow!