Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your Life-Wedding Dress!

I usually don't participate in the Kelly's Korner Blog fun but I couldn't resist this wedding dress one. Because I just love, love my wedding dress and still do. Here is me with my Dad before the wedding began. My dress was by Pronovias and it was a raw dupioni silk. So it wasn't shiny and had that kind of rough texture. I ordered my dress from Victorian Rose in Raleigh and it was made in Spain, which I thought was super cool at the time.
Here is a good view of the bodice. The alteration lady put boning in it so it was pretty snug in there. Couldn't really sit down too comfortably but, it looked good.
I wore a long veil during the ceremony that blew like crazy in the mountain wind. We got married outside on the lawn. After 4 years of living in the mountains you think I would know better. :) This is our first dance and I just adored my french bustle. Below are my professional pictures by VisionQuest Photography. He did an amazing job so I thought I would give due credit.

Although this doesn't show my dress too much it was my favorite wedding picture that I framed in our bedroom. It was candid and I think it really shows the emotions of the day. This is moments after we said I do.
Take a few steps back here is us obviously getting married. I loved how my dressed swirled around. It was assymetrically with the shirring pulled to one side.
Taking a little stroll as the Mr. and Mrs.
My favorite bridal shot.
Close up of the bodice.
This is my bridesmaids and myself trucking down the hill take some shots. Everyone about fell face first, as it had just rained the night before and I forced them all to wear stilettos. :) But, luckily we got a nice shot of it. Obviously it was one of the photographer's favorites too because it still featured on his site 3 years later. This is probably way too many pictures of my dress but of course as I said before I loved it and I sincerely hope that Emerson will wear it one day too.
***Update*** So apparently my pictures are a bit too big so I'm not intentionally cutting off my husband or my dear friend Julie. Sorry guys!


Shannon said...

ah.. the picture of you two hugging is SO SWEET! GREAT dress! :)

Finally his wife! said...

Love love love your dress! Your flowers were amazing too!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you! I had no idea what they would look like but I loved how they turned out.

Helen Joy said...

I love the wrapped bodice!

Brittany and Charlie said...

I love the fall colors! Your dress is beautiful! Thanks for visiting me:)