Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Playdate and New Toy

Chowing Down
Yesterday I watched our 6 month old neighbor, Baby B. I have to admit at first I was a little apprehensive to have 2 babies in my care but it went really well. The "kids" had fun and the dog was very entertained by a new visitor.
I think Emerson is a little young to be leaning on a boy's shoulder!
Having him over made me realize how very petite our gal is. I mean seriously look at the size difference. He is only a month older. Notice the classic E. look. "Why are you here again?" Emerson did cry a bit when he screamed and I told her she does the same thing. :) But, of course sometimes she is sensitive. After our fun half day of playing we had the dreaded vaccination visit. It was not fun, I hated ever minute, and it was worse than last time. The whole time I was thinking they can create vaccinations that prevent life threatening illnesses but they can't figure out how to make them less painful? I mean seriously. That's of course coming from a Mommy point of view. The only good thing about the trip was being able to head out to Trader Joes. I stocked up on some goodies and to my delight the chicken lime burgers are back. They are delicious! If you haven't had them before I highly recommend stopping by to get some because I haven't seen the burgers in the store in almost a year. Perfect for summer!
Too Close?
Here is Emerson's new toy which Mark found at the consignment sale. I have to give him credit because she really loves the music. She even uses it as a chew toy since the corners are somewhat rubbery. Usually she rejects teething toys and goes for my finger. You can imagine that can get painful! Here are a few more of her enjoying the "music box."



Brittany and Charlie said...

Our little one is small for her size too. YOu don't notice till they are next to another child though. Love the pics!

Corrie said...

Hi Amy! I know Baby B!! Turns out we have some friends in common from All Saint's UMC! I saw Amanda E there the other day and she said you guys are neighbors! Fun! I enjoy the blog.