Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Emerson!

Look at those long legs!

It's so very hard to believe that Emerson is 5 months today! To celebrate she slept in until 9am because you know it's HER birthday. It is going by all too fast. I just want to freeze time for a little bit and savor all the sweet moments with her. Can the second half of the year go by slower?? I really love this age. She seems to really enjoy being around Mark and I and smiles and laughs lots. As you saw from the previous video her laugh is adorable. But, of course the one who gets the most laughs out of her is our dog, Mia. Especially when she is misbehaving or chasing the cat. So I'm pretty sure E. will be an animal lover or at least The Baby Whisperer. Here is what's new or going on with Emerson at this age.

~ She has recently discovered she can scream. It's pretty loud but, you can't be mad because it really it is out of pure excitement.

~She goes to bed pretty consistently around 8pm. She isn't a very long napper but she definitely needs those short ones or watch out!

~She is still wearing the same cloth diapers from when she was 2 weeks old. So she is tiny and cost efficient! ;)

~She loves, loves music. She really seems to enjoy worship time at church and always smiles when I sing to her.

~E. can still wear 0-3 month old clothes but is transitioning slowly into 3-6. Although she has pushed through the 0-3 sleepers because she is a long string bean.

~If people stop in the store to talk to her she gives them this look like, "I'm sorry, do I know you?" She has very intense looks and is constantly analyzing.

~I still can't tell what color her eyes will be. They are right now blueish/grayish green with brown in the middle. But, I can say for certain it won't be blue.

~She loves bath time and will almost kick herself out of the tub. I think it might be time for bath toys!

~She has started in the last day or so to reach out and grab for things that she wants. Granted, most of the time it's something she really shouldn't have. Also I think yesterday she may have reached out to me to pick her up. The way her hand dexterity has developed is amazing. She loves to to touch different textures ( including my hair) and wants to touch my mouth when I talk. She can also often be found petting her stuffed animals or pulling the dog's hair out.

~E. has been pretty good about putting herself to sleep for a nap. On a good day I notice she is tired and I put her down with soft blanket and she will rub it and suck her thumb until she is asleep.

~She rolls all over the place and can't be contained!

~Her personality is still laid back, she loves to cuddle with us, and brings so much joy to our lives! We would have never imagined 5 months ago how much our life would change but at the same time feel so right.

We love you Emerson!

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Nichole said...

You better tell Mark to lock her in her room now - especially if those legs keep up!