Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy BFP Day!

A year ago today I found out I was pregnant with Little Emerson. It only took 3 pregnancy tests and somehow I was convinced they probably weren't that accurate. That was until I called the Dr. to ask for a test. Here is how it went. "Hi, I think I'm pregnant. Can I come in for a test?" Dr. office, "Did you take a home test?" Me, "Ummm, yeah. About 3." Dr. office, " Well, they are pretty accurate. Congratulations!" So word to the wise. If you have a positive pregnancy test there is a 95% chance you are pregnant. Especially if it is a digital test that spell it out for you. :)
This was my first baby bump "bloat" photo probably around 5 weeks. I remember feeling completely huge. Don't you just want to smack this girl? Ha. I do.

This is when I felt like I was starting to show to everyone else. Around 16 weeks. By then my bump was hard not just a bunch of squish.
Then by 20 weeks I looked like I had smuggled a basketball. Darn small torso. Believe it or not this was around the time I was most uncomfortable with hip, and round ligament pain.
By the beginning of my third trimester I was feeling heavy. This was around 28-29 weeks. This is my SIL I guess at about 19 weeks pregnant. One way to make a pregnant woman fell huge is put her beside someone who isn't as far along as she is. Haha.
By 34 weeks I was feeling pretty good thanks to regular chiropractor appointments. Unless I walked up a hill or stairs and I felt like my baby might fall out. Ha. We took my maternity pictures in a hurry because Emerson had already dropped and we were told she would be early. Little did we know that meant eviction. I miss that belly. It was a good armrest.

This is my last "official" belly shot. We took a few while waiting at the hospital. This is the night we drove to the hospital. I cried the whole way there. Very emotional night full of fear,
and uncertainty.

But, this little face made it all worth it. This past year has been a roller coaster full of change, and emotions. But, I'm so glad things have turned out the way they did. Emerson is just proof that God truly has a plan for us.

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