Friday, July 17, 2009


I bought this skirt on Target clearance in size 12 months. I guess it's suppose to be a mini skirt for toddlers because I put it on Emerson for fun and it fits her big cloth booty! It's about to mid calf but I think it look very cute.
Obviously Emerson agrees.
Or is bewildered. Is that my Mom behind the camera???
Our craft project for the week. Since someone who will remain nameless lost the frame I had in mind for these pics. Starts with a M. Yep, you got it! Mia lost the frame. :) Hopefully we can hang it on the wall this w.e. so it won't be amongst the diaper covers.

Emerson enduring some doggy slobber. She got her back with some aggressive fur pulling. So now Mia has been running in the opposite direction of Emerson. E. is sporting her new outfit that coordinates nicely with her bumbo. It's 3-6 months. :( She is getting big. Well, correction she is getting bigger. For my Mommy tip of the week if you want to dare and take your baby to a restaurant. Believe me it is sometimes scary! Try the mexican one. Emerson had a blast last night staring at all the festive decor and bright colors. She also enjoyed the spanish speaking waitstaff. I think she thought her Dad might be close by.

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