Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pocketful of Sunshine

Isn't she a cutie? I'm just loving her new onesie and it includes my favorite color combo right now pink and orange. So fun, cheery, and happy. I was pretty stoked that her yellow headband went with it as well. We have been adding that to almost every outfit. Thankfully she can wear yellow because I can't and I just love it! Little Miss E. is either going to grow up to love bright colors like me or loathe them because I constantly dress her in shocking combinations.
I edited this picture to a funky color but I couldn't tell which I liked better so here is both for you to enjoy.
It's a little funky, right? But strangely cool. I was pretty impressed I took these pictures of her yesterday considering I wasn't feeling so well. I was feeling all achy and not so great combined with soreness in the food station for Emerson so I decided to call the trusty midwives. Turns out I more than likely have Inflammatory Mastitis. Awesome. But, luckily since I don't have a fever it should go away on it's on and it's not infectious. If it turns infectious it can get pretty ugly recalling antibiotics.
Even though I was feeling rough I decided to take E. on a walk because A. I haven't exercised in forever and B. that means the dog hasn't either which causes all kinds of chaos and neurotic behavior. I've set the date at 6 months to start running again once I can use my jogging stroller. But, after my rough tiring walk yesterday I know I have a long road of getting back into shape ahead of me.

Anyways isn't Emerson a scary combo of color and patterns. :) I decide to take a walk around 10:30 because Emerson hadn't gone for a nap and I knew the stroller would put her out.

I had her covered up from the blaring sun so when I got home this is how my passed out baby looked. She created her own sleeping mask! She is super savvy. On a side note did anyone watch "So you think you can Dance"? I missed it for the first time this season and I don't have dvr so I'm desperate to know what happened. If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to check it out because it really is the best show EVER! Well, reality wise.


Nichole said...

1 - Soreness in the food station - hahahahah!!!

2 - I'm sorry you have mastitis, I hope it clears up on its own

3- If you go to youtube and look up sytycd top 8, or find out last nights episode ## you can see all the dances. It had quite a few I really liked, considering this season has not been my favorite

Amy and Mark said...

Thanks! Me too. It does not make nursing fun. Found those on you tube! Unfortunately it's in pieces of 9 minutes each. So I've only watched a few.