Friday, July 31, 2009

Concrete Beach

Emerson had a rough day yesterday due to her vaccine so I decided she needed a pick me up. Since she loves taking a bath I figured she would love playing in a "pool." We have a pool in our neighborhood but since she can't wear sunscreen yet, and the water is chilly I decided to create our make-shift beach day. :) One beverage tub, and a few miscellaneous toys later here is our own concrete beach.
The water was 86 degrees, it was 90 something outside and she still had goosebumps.

After all my work she wasn't that impressed. No usual splashing, and kicking around.
But, it made for some fun shots. I just love this one. She alternated between each finger and her thumb. Her expression is priceless.
Mia was thrilled to participate in our fun. Notice how she is sitting supported so well!
Lastly because I love baby feet so much....


Brittany said...

Oh my gosh...these are so cute. The black and white picture is amazing!

Amy and Mark said...


Brittany and Charlie said...

That bucket is the perfect size! I need one for Savi!