Monday, August 1, 2011


If you have a toddler you know how important naptime is. Emerson has been doing great at putting herself down for a nap. Sometimes I hear her playing for a little bit but she eventually settles down. One day I went in to wake her up from a long nap and I found her sleeping like this. On top of three stuffed animals, two blankets, and her diaper that she had taken off. So of course I grabbed my camera before waking her up.

Kind of reminds me of princess and the pea. :)
Meanwhile Ezra is sleeping downstairs with his feet perfectly crossed and his fanny in the air.
So sweet!
Ezra takes his afternoon nap on the couch, while Emerson naps in her room. When I noticed him waking up he still looked rather drowsy.
So I talked to him a bit and he left out the biggest grin.

But, decided he wasn't ready to get up yet, and remained snuggled up!

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