Friday, July 29, 2011

Out of the mouth of Emerson

I thought would document a few things Emerson has said lately. Her vocabulary expands every day!

-While she is sitting in her high chair, "Gimme kiss! I love you!" Big deal because she never says that to us. Ha!

-When I went to get her up from her nap she was holding her baby doll. She said, " Mommy, my baby fussy." I guess she has heard that alot. :)

-When I put her hair up she said, "I'm pretty girl now."I think I've tried to bribe her too many to times to fix her hair by telling her she'll look pretty!

-When Ezra was playing with his toy, "Get it out of your mouth! Don't eat it, ok?" 

-I went to the bathroom and when I returned she had pulled up a chair to the sink and was going through the dish soap putting it on my clean, dry dishes. I told her if she liked cleaning so much she could do the bathroom. She said,"Uh, huh." Then once she realized what I was talking about, "I don't want it!" Me either little girl.

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