Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toddler Fun

In an effort to be more conscious of our playtime I got a book entitled toddler activities. So I decided to give it a go and ventured outside for an art project. We used good old fashioned chalk. The trick was to get it wet and draw on black construction paper for a cool effect. Emerson went to town creating her master piece. At the end I sprinkled salt on the wet paper to create a glittery look. But, I used sea salt so it didn't work quite as well.  Next was water time since it was blazing hot. Emerson was already wearing a bathing suit so why not. The idea was to have two containers of water. One filled with ice cubes. She would take a spoon and move them to the other container. At least that was the idea. She dumped both containers over and ate the ice.  Then requested more water to drink from with her ladel and throw at the dog. I guess that was entertaining. Success!

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Nicole Johnson said...

You crack me up. I could totally see my own toddler drinking his water out of a ladle and throwing it at my dog.