Thursday, July 14, 2011

We're still here

We're still here. I have tons of pictures waiting on the camera to be uploaded, organized, and edited. Alas I also have tons of laundry, a dirty house to clean, and little people that are hungry. But, that is how it goes. So here is what we have been up to this week. No picture style. Stayed for massive amounts of pictures soon though.

-We had vanilla ice cream with peach basil topping.

-Emerson was a rock star in dance class

-We had a dead frog roasting in our driveway. ( Victim of the trash can) I have seen lots of gross things in two years of mommy hood but this made me gag.

-It hit triple digits here.

-I fit into my first pair of non maternity pants that aren't elastic waistband. So what if they were big before I got pregnant?

-Ezra turned 3 months old and welcomed a younger cousin.

-Ezra took a 4 hour nap. Got up for an hour then when back to bed.

-Mark won a potato sack race.

-We officially took our house off the market.

So that's your breakdown. Not too interesting but that's all I got today. This is real life people. Ha!

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