Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We had a busy fun filled weekend. For the 4th we decided to head to downtown Apex for an Olde Fashioned celebration. It was HOT and humid! We walked around downtown and Emerson had a blast not being confined to a stroller. Ezra hung out in the stroller for the most part taking a nap. There was an old train car on display and Emerson climbed the wall to get to it! She also had lots of fun playing in the dirt. For some reason with everything going on that is what she wanted to do.


They had inflatables and I knew Emerson would be ecstatic. She wasn't keen on waiting in line but she had a blast in the end. Can you believe this pint size was scaling the wall? She had so much fun she refused to put her shoes back on and had a good old fashioned tantrum. :)  We walked around a bit more getting scorched and Emerson got a cow tattoo and I made a piece of artwork with her. It was a fun way to celebrate but we were starving by the end! For some reason they only had one concession stand that was out of food and there were tons of people so we headed out. Emerson was spent and crying she was hungry. So I loaded her up with snack bars and sunflower seeds and she took a good long nap when we got home. It stormed the rest of the day so our grilling plans were squashed but we had already done some awesome grilling this weekend. No fireworks for us this year. Sleep of a two year old is too important. Maybe next year. :)

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