Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ezra was being a goofball, chatting me up, and looking handsome in his plaid so I decided to pull out the camera. It's funny how fast their emotions can change. He gave me the serious look, a giggle, a pout. I guess it's the age because I remember when Emerson was this age she did the exact same thing. I tried to put Ezra on the floor for a picture and Emerson tried to hold up a background for me. She also told Ezra to smile. Ha! He was pretty chill so it was the perfect opportunity for a picture of the two of them. Emerson gave him a little too tight of a hug. It was difficult to get both of their attention so I made a weird noise. You can see Emerson was amused but Ezra found it frightening. Note the bug eyes. This was a fun break from our otherwise hectic day. Emerson has been into everything, literally. I've said that before but now it's really true. Climbing, opening doors she shouldn't, getting out things she really shouldn't. I think she might have selective hearing. But, I guess what 2 year old doesn't? Definitely keeps me on my toes!

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