Monday, June 27, 2011

Dance Day 2

Emerson went to her second day of dance on Wednesday. It was only a little bit more to do two classes so I figured why not get here energy out twice a week. Ha! It was a different class and teacher so she was a bit more hesitant. I had to walk her in but she saw the assistant from the other class, an 11 year old girl, and she immediately clung to her.  Emerson was a little bit more hesitant this class since there was no warm up but she still told me she had fun. Here is her turn through the obstacle course. 
Here are the kiddos waiting on their turn. Emerson sitting beside her teacher assistant buddy. One little girl was hysterically crying. The other kids were apathetic to her screams but Emerson was so sweet. She went over and tried to help her clap and dance. Then sat beside her and rubbed her back. I was so impressed with her sensitivity and sweetness. At the end of class I told her I was proud of her for comforting her new friend when she was sad. 
When we drove home Emerson was chatting away. I pulled in the driveway and she passed out. So I placed her on the couch and she slept about 30 minutes before I woke her up. Being a dancer is hard work!
So I don't leave my sweet boy out. Here is Ezra hanging out with me by the pool. Happy guy!

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