Thursday, June 9, 2011

Emerson the Sister

I wanted to document how Emerson is interacting with Ezra because I'm sure in a month it will be different and I'll forget. She loves him lots and definitely wants a playmate. So here are a few things she has said lately.

  • "Ezra dance!"
  • "Ezra clap!" Usually in the same 10 minutes and she will try to make him clap and have fun.
  • She scrunches up her nose and smells his diaper even though I just changed him.
  • "Ezra come on!" He usually stays put.
  • When he burped today, "He's talking!"
  • "Crying?" He's not, then shoves a paci in his mouth. Then he cries. :) 
  • "Excuse me Ezra," (which really sounds like es-coo) when he is making a dirty diaper. 
  • "Spit up. Yucky." Then dabs his mouth. Which you can imagine from a 2 year old is not too gentle. 
  • And my favorite. "Hold you? OK." I guess he sends nonverbal signals that he wants to be held. 

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