Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 months old

So this little guy is two months old and my how is changed! He is starting to smile lots and begin those adorable coos. He will go back in forth and conversation for a good while now and I must say he has the sweetest voice. Ezra is a chunky little thing. We went for his check-up on Monday and he weighs 11lbs 7oz. A little over 2lbs heavier than Emerson was at this age. He has almost doubled his size already! He has a very broad chest, full round tummy, and strong legs. Even the pediatrician said he has very strong muscles for his age. He has rolled a couple times from tummy to back. But, I count it as frustration instead of intentional.  He is still super sleepy. He sleeps much more than Emerson did to me.  Usually not up for more than an hour at time. He loves a morning nap and can sleep 2-3 hours if his sister doesn't interrupt.  Ezra sleeps huge chunks at night but likes to rise and shine around 5am. He absolutely loves the moby wrap and seems to be in heaven when he is in it. He snuggles up on my chest and passes out. He also likes to snuggle very close to me at night. Ezra has a lovely olive complexion and his eyes are beautiful blue right now and seem to be getting lighter by the day. He's getting tons of hair in on top and it appears to be dark brown. He adores his paci and pretty much wants it 90% of the time. I love this age and getting to see their personality come out little by little. Recently we went to the pool and I dangled a butterfly chime toy from his carseat. It's one of those black and white toys that captures their attention. He proceeded to have a conversation with the butterfly for 5 minutes, smiling away. A ladies man already.
Who can resist these cheeks?

For reference here is Emerson at the same age, same diaper. They look about the same I think because of the crop but you can see the diaper is much tighter on Ezra. And no I don't have a problem with  him wearing flowers. :)

Happy Birthday Ezra! Could he be any cuter? I think not. 

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