Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ezra 2 Months

I had been wanting some real pictures of Ezra to document him being two months. The thing is he is the sleepiest baby ever so it's hard to plan anything. So one day when he woke up and we had some good lighting I quickly moved into action. I pulled out a pair of overalls because I absolutely adore little boys in nothing but overalls. These are actually the overalls Emerson wore in her 3 month pictures.
I tried to get some smiles but as he just woke he was a little groggy. But look at the head control and arm rolls! Both equally impressive. 
2monthsezra13I'm I'm just going to go ahead and throw it out there that he is the cutest baby boy ever.  With baby blues, and pouty lips, how could you could you lose?
He looks surprised I'm there doesn't he? Ha. 
Peek a boo! I want to add his eye color isn't enhanced at all. He's all natural. ;)
After about 10 minutes he tuckered out. But gave me a shy grin. 

*ps Gparents if you want the photo you can get it off my flickr page*

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