Monday, August 22, 2011

A picture update

I hadn't uploaded any pictures recently so I decided to dig back into July for a picture update blog post.  I've had some issues with Emerson's hair. It's very fine, somewhat wavy and falls in her face. I think we'll be getting some sort of cut soon. But, one day she actually let me braid it. It's pretty cute but doesn't last too long with her being so thin.  How did I get her sitting still long enough to do her hair you ask? Cartoons of course.

Next up is Ezra attacking Lily the Frog like I told you about.  It seriously cracks me up. Leapin Lily better watch out!
Last but not least is my documentation of Ezra's sleeping habits. I put him in E.'s crib and two minutes later he had covered his face with her blanket and passed out.
Then all it took was a snuggle from a couch pillow to take a good snooze. I hope he stays such an easy sleeper! Next post will have current pictures. Or more current. ;)

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