Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photo Op

I think I'm pretty much going to give up on an actual "good" picture of the kids. For now that is. Snap shots will have to do to document the chaos. Emerson did of course tell Ezra he needed to smile while she was not smiling. But, getting them both to have eye contact was pretty much impossible. Well, I did get one but they both looking at me but they looked completely zoned out. Haha! Emerson insisted that she hold Ezra which I thought could make a good pic. But, when she was done she just tossed him to the side. *No baby was harmed in the taking of these photographs* Haha. Luckily Ezra is a good sport. Obviously this one below is not what I had in mind. Even Ezra knows this is not going to work!
But, he gave me one good smile once Emerson took off. I think he was relieved for it to be over!

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