Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 4 months Ezra!

I cannot believe Ezra is 4 months old. It really has been the fastest 4 months of my life. I no longer have a tiny newborn but a giggly baby. His personality has really came out over the last month. He is pretty easy going, flirtatious, and happy. Ezra has become such an easy baby. He seems to be just along for the ride and loves spending time with us. With an adorable grin he always seems so happy to see us. I'll just go to put him in the car and he'll lock eyes with me and start smiling and giggling. Emerson always gets excited and says, "Ezra's smiling!" One of the things that is changing is he is into playing with toys. Before he had no interest now he loves to grab things and pull them to his mouth. He loves his baby gym and really tries to pull the toys that are hanging down while yelling at them. He usually plays there first thing in the morning while I get breakfast together. He can now roll from back to tummy so he gets stuck sometimes in the baby gym bars and needs some help getting rolled the other way. Ezra is a super napper, taking about a two hour nap in the morning, and sometimes a 3 hour one in the afternoon. Most nights he is down for bed by 8pm. He loves soft lovies and rubbing them on his face. If I catch him before he is over tired I can just give him a paci and lovie blanket and he'll conk out. But, if he gets too wound up he'll kick and squirm until I hold him still so he can relax. He is ticklish especially in his neck rolls. He will always get tickled if I sing a ridiculous song. He makes me feel like I'm funny even though I'm really not. Haha. We went to the pediatrician and he weighs 14lbs 10.5oz (50%) and 25.75 inches long (80%). At this rate I expect him to be bigger than Emerson by January. :) I love all of his rolls and it's such a change from Emerson's size. He's wearing pretty much all 6 month clothes now and occasionally 9 months. They are just night and day in terms of growth.

Ezra loves stuffed animals so this toy captured his attention and I couldn't get him to look at me!

A tiny smile. A shyer smile than his usual grin.
I saw an idea on pinterest to document the baby each month by putting them in the laundry basket. I think we started to late because he is already out of it. I guess we missed our window. Ha!

I couldn't forget to capture these sweet feet! 
Love those toes!

Happy Birthday Ezra! If you could slow down growing up the next 8 months that would be great.
 Love, Mom

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