Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Emerson 2 Years Old

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The other week I took some 2 year pictures of Emerson. So what if she is almost 2.5? I had been wanting to take her out to a rustic area for a sunset shoot. But, with a little one and temperatures near 100 it's not a surprise I had w hard time fitting it in. So when we had an overcast day I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some shots during Ezra's nap. I had made Emerson a skirt, which I was super excited about. But, my little critic wanted nothing to do with it. I guess she doesn't appreciate Amy Butler fabric. I know it turned out a little tight (aka a toddler pencil skirt) but it worked for not using a pattern. So when she said, "I don't want it," I was a little sad. But, bound and determined she was going to wear it for a picture I forced her to wear it for 15 minutes. :) She is also sporting my shirt from when I was little which says, "amy." She picked out the headband of mine, which was a nice touch.
In true two year old fashion I couldn't get a smile to save my life. I only got eye contact by saying I had a bug on my head.
I tried out some hazy editing. Tried to get the effect we shot in beautiful sunlight but we didn't. ;)
Couldn't capture a two year with old without documenting the chipped mismatched nail polish. 
To compare this is about the same time last year. Same dead on stare, longer hair. :)

* Update* 
I forgot one. :)

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