Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This series of pictures was taken before Ezra's 4 month appointment. I love Ezra's expression of, "why are we taking another picture?." In an effort to get Emerson to wear something different (which is a whole other post itself) I pulled out a pink ruffle dress we recently bought. She said she needed pants with it. Although it was 90+ outside I obliged and picked out some white leggings. Emerson added cute necklace, a wood bangle, of mine, and asked to put her hair up. She  looked to me like an eighties rocker. Ezra was easy to please. Since he wears what I put on him. A onesie I picked up on consignment for $3. It has a huge elephant on a swing, saying "my turn." With a tiny mouse waiting. I don't know why but I found it hysterical. Come to find out the brand, Threadless kids, sells onesies that run about $15. So it was a good deal! They also have tons of graphic tees, and onesies that are unique and adorable. I thought this one was super cute. Plus you can get thing in onesies up to kid tees. Maybe I'll have to keep my eye out at consignment sales for the threadless brand from now on!

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