Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Which E?

sibling collage
I've had a few people say that Emerson and Ezra look alike. I don't think they do so much but I'll let you decide. While going through pictures I discovered that I took about 5000 pictures in the first few months of Emerson's life.  Also my photography skills have improved tremendously.

Emerson near 3 months

Ezra at 3 months

One thing is for sure they are both pretty cute! Must have good looking parents. :) Oh and by the way. You can totally see how he is going to have blue eyes compared to what Emerson's were at this age. And to think I thought hers might be blue. Ha!

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The Pates said...

Ezra top left and bottom right, Emmerson the other 2 :) They look alike enough to say they're siblings :) But his eyes are Def. bluer :D Precious babies!!!