Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swim Time

I decided to pull the baby pool out for E. and since Ezra likes water so much I decide to let him join in. I got him a Gap bathing suit at the consignment sale for $1 or $2. Next to nothing for an adorable pair of trunks.  Emerson put on a borrowed suit that fit last month but is too short now. Growth spurt I suppose! 
I realized that we are at the age that it's almost impossible to get a good picture. It's pulling teeth to get Emerson to look at me then she gives me this cheese ball smile. 
Then of course the excitement of Ezra being close by makes her want to squeeze him to pieces.  But, I guess it documents how everyday really is. Even if I can't frame it on my wall. By the wall check out that beach body on Ezra! Rolls upon rolls. Love it!

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