Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip to the park

We took our first trip to the park after a vigalent search for baby swings. Did you know hardly any new playgrounds have baby swings??? After finally stumbling on one it was Emerson's turn to swing for the first time.
At first she wasn't so sure about it.
Note the thrilled expression.
Then she kind of warmed up.
Hmmm could this actually be fun?
Not too bad.
Ok this is actually kind of fun. Give me another push.
Woo hoo! I love swinging!!!

A trip down the slide with Dad was just icing on the cake. I can't wait to take Emerson back again. I just wish the park across the street actually had swings. Wouldn't that be convenient?
Emerson also found a leaf that she treasured. See it below her foot? It's the simple things that entertain babies. Also note how well she is sitting up. I think she finally realized that it isn't so bad after all.


Nichole said...

Those pics are adorable! I LOVE that first one of you and E! And yes, we had a horrible time finding a park with a baby swing. It was seriously like our 4th or 5th park until we found one.

Amy and Mark said...

Thanks! I was glad to actually be in a picture for once. Ha.