Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parent Commissioning

Sunday was the parent commissioning ceremony at our church. We were so blessed that tons of our family came to support us and take part in the day. Emerson had her very own tables reserved. See her precious little picture? At our church instead of infant baptisms, us as parents dedicate ourselves to providing a gospel centered home for our children, and ask for support and prayer from our church/family. What a huge responsibility and honor it is to do what is best for Emerson even when it's not easy. There were so many cute little babies right along with Emerson but, she certainly was the brightest. I have to admit I was very nervous with all the people there. Luckily I didn't trip though. :)
Emerson was excited to see her Aunt Reba since she hadn't seen her since July! It didn't hurt that she brought her a babydoll too. Ha. See Emerson's new bracelet on the left? Aunt Reba was kind of enough to send it in the mail so she could wear it. Her first piece of jewelry! I was so shocked she didn't even try to pull it off like she does to other people's jewelry.
Here is our huge group. Yes I did sport cowgirl boots. Because, why not? Thanks to everyone who joined us.

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw how great! I need to get on that! I am so bad!