Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8 Months Old!

Emerson is 8 months old today! It just sounds so strange to say I have an 8 month old now. But, this is age is so much fun. She has become more interactive every day. If she wants me to pick her up she says Mmmm, mmmm. I guess that's my name. Ha. She has also started reaching for her Daddy. Or should I say throwing herself at him? I fear she might become a Daddy's girl. I guess I had a good run. :) She is super speedy now crawling at a ridiculous pace for an army crawler. Her favorite thing to do is stand. She can now pull-up to standing rather easily and has had fun trying out her new trick on every thing in reach. Unfortunately most of the time she can't get down safely which means the start of lots of boo boos. Yesterday though she did go from standing to sitting down. Well done E! Today she pulled up on the dining room chair, something new, and started squealing for me because she couldn't get down. She is now very vocal constantly babbling ba ba, ma ma, and da da especially at bedtime. Speaking of bedtime her mature age has turned her against sleeping. Hopefully it is just teething but in the past two week she has stayed up until 10pm every night and still gets up when we do around 7 or 8am. Although the fact that she is energetic and playful leads me to believe she just wants to stay up all night. She has gotten better on napping sleeping sometimes an hour and half in the morning and maybe an hour in the afternoon. She is still really into her exersaucer but now more as an obstacle course. She loves to crawl through the middle and throw her toys in there. She also likes to pull up on it and play from the outside. Emerson still absolutely loves animals. She laughs hysterically at the dog and cat so hard that she can barely catch a breath. Now she is somewhat understanding what a kiss is. She grabs my face and latches onto my chin and goes mmmm. It can be a little aggressive but all in love of course. Such a sweet girl!
Just hanging out
Playing with Mia
Mischievously attacking the camera.

Fun 8 month pictures to come shortly!

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