Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Itty Bitty

Remember when Emerson was this itty bitty? It's hard for me to even picture it. She seems small to me now but is almost triple her birth size.
Remember when she was too tiny to fit in newborn clothes? Apparently I also looked awful! Ha. Yikes! But, of course I was so overjoyed to be holding my baby girl.
Or when she fit perfectly on our chests?
Do you remember her dark hair that fell out oh so fast? I hope I can always hold tight to these memories. Emerson, I love you! Don't grow up too fast. Okay?

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Nichole said...

Jay was just commenting tonight, I had a picture of Finn at 8 weeks on my screen saver, he refused to believe he was ever so tiny. On a funny note, Finn is no where near tripling his birth size! He is only just over double!