Friday, October 2, 2009

Show us your life- Baby Gear

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

This week on Kelly's Korner we are talking about baby gear. Something that is very fresh on my mind of course so I think I can give it a go.

Things we love
  1. Baby carriers!!!- What can I say this is my number one must have. There are plenty of options and I think you need a few to get you through the baby stages. First I made myself a ring sling which is great for newborns to sleep in. Anytime we went out and about the first 4 months I had it with me and I would pop Emerson in when she was tired. She loved it! But eventually she got to heavy and we moved on to the snugli. That worked for a month but then we fell in love with our ErgoBaby. It is a lifesaver. It's comfortable, supports Emerson's hips, and she seems to really enjoy it. I have also been able to nurse in this which is a big advantage in my book.
  2. Swing- The first month Emerson loathed her swing. But, then magically she loved it. We have the nature one with crickets, water noises, a butterfly mobile, and a mirror above. It soothed her almost immediately and always put her to sleep.
  3. Bumbo- I know Kelly said she didn't use hers but I can say we have used ours a ton. It took a while for petite E. to fit in it but once she did it was awesome to put the tray on it and let her play with her toys. Since she is a late sitter and still not so great at it this helps her see around her. I'm sure when she starts eating we will use it for snacks as well. So I guess it depends on your baby. I would say get it used if you don't receive one as a gift.
  4. Rain Forest Soother- I use to have this on the changing table to distract Emerson. It plays nature noises and lullabyes. Plus a cute monkey that swings around. It turns on by pushing the bird and babies can figure it out pretty quickly. Now it's attached the crib side so I can put Emerson in there when I'm putting up clothes, etc. She loves it!

5. Exersaucer- We just got into this the last month or so. But, now it's great to preoccupy
Emerson when I'm cleaning, cooking dinner, whatever. I switch out the toys attached to it
so it stays interesting.
6. Bouncer- What can I say? Without it I probably would still not have a shower. Haha. I
really on use it during that time but it helps me stay clean. I would recommend getting a
bouncer with should harness straps not just lap straps. Otherwise when they turn about 4
months they'll try to get out.

Things we didn't use so much
  1. Bottles- Not sure why I registered for any but I'm lucky enough to stay home with Emerson so there is really no point. I've given her one 1oz bottle four months ago and it came straight out her nose. Awesome. If you're nursing, SAH, then I would say buy as needed.
  2. Travel System- We have used our stroller a few times but honestly whenever I take Emerson anywhere I put her in the Ergo. Even on walks her Daddy likes to carry her. Now when we go for a walk and we don't want to carry her we use the jogging stroller. So I would say you could hold off on the travel system and just have one stroller. Save the storage space. You'll need it.
I'm sure there are plenty of other things that we don't use or need but for some reason I can't think of anymore. I guess I'm being positive today! Oh! One last thing. Buy consignment clothes, scavenge for hand me downs. Get the name brand clothes on ebay. Seriously the best idea ever.

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