Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Emerson Kaye

So I've been tagged by Nichole. I didn't even know you could be tagged in the blogworld but here we go. I'm suppose to explain to you all how we came up with the name Emerson.
I wish Emerson had some deep meaning but, it really doesn't. I just plain loved it. A year before I got pregnant I was dreaming of naming my little girl Emerson. It just popped in my head from out of nowhere and I loved it so much. So when we found out we were expecting it was my immediate first choice. Mark on the other hand didn't like the name Emerson. He was against it and thought it was a bit boyish so I pushed my feelings aside and shelved the idea of Emerson. I was a little bit of a control freak while pregnant so I was going through name lists well before we told anyone. Lucky for you guys I found my Barbie notebook this weekend which has our name polls. Yes, I said Barbie notebook. :) I had a huge list of names I would go through, and write yes, no, or maybe for Mark and I. Then on the other side I would write what number it fell on social security's list of baby names. Neurotic, right? I really didn't want a top 100 name, even a top 200 name. I had 15 girl names, and 10 boys names. So any name either of us said yes to I put into a pile of names. Which we both ranked in order of favorite to least favorite. Emerson was clearly my number 1. Mark's was Keira. He still thinks it has potential to be another one of our child's names. Sorry, Mark. No. Keira was my number 7. Emerson started to wear on Mark. The other portion of the equation is I wanted to in some way have the name reflect my Mother's name. Which was Kaye, but went by Katie so could really be Kate, Katerine, etc. Emerson Kaye seemed to flow to me but I really didn't think Mark would agree to it. My second choice name was Harper. Finally we had our ultrasound. Which at the time I really was convinced Emerson was a boy and already had two boy names picked out. One starts with an E, the other an R. I can't tell you those of course. You know the rest of the story. We were delightful surprised to find out we were having a girl! As soon as we left Mark told me he liked Emerson now. Ha. Finally he sees it my way! Hehe. So Emerson Kaye it was. That weekend we went up to Asheville for our anniversary and Mark suggested maybe we name her Ophelia. I quickly nipped that in the butt. Your welcome Emerson. We still get...

"Isn't that a boys name?"

" That's an interesting choice for a girl."

But, my favorite is...

"That's such a beautiful name"

Thanks. I like to think so. Now it's your turn! I'm tagging you guys. Carrie, even though it's pretty obvious where your name came from. Haha. Brittany and Brittany R. I also tag you Nicole. So please go give me something entertaining to read.


The Donley's said...

How funny that Harper is your #2- Harper is my #1 girls name and will be THE name if I am lucky enough to have a girl. I thought it was original, but now I know 15 Harpers and several mamas who want a Harper.
I LOVE Emerson though- good choice!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I like Emerson...different but not to crazy like Apple or something;)