Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby's First Christmas Festivities

This past weekend was jam packed with christmas festivities. Emerson was still quite the trooper I thought toughing out 5 separate activities on Saturday alone. Although she didn't have a good nap at all on Saturday which I'm afraid has become all too common. But, I learned several things about Emerson this weekend.
  1. She really hates Santa Claus in person
  2. She loves Christmas music!
  3. She likes Santa if he is in the minature dancing form.

We took Emerson to Mark's work Christmas party where the little kiddies were allowed to scream sit on Santa's lap. I wasn't going to go the mall for Emerson to see Santa so we figured this was a good opportunity. One look at the big guy in red and she had a complete meltdown. We even have a picture to document the baby torture. I'm talking all out crying and streaming tears.

You would think after we removed her from Santa's arms it would fix the problem but she was left traumatized. The rest of our time there she kept leering over her shoulder to keep an eye on that creepy Santa guy. At least she got a stuffed little gingerbread man out of it.
On a happier note it seems Emerson is a dancing queen. Remember way back when I said I thought she maybe into music? Of course I was right. :) She has been dancing and clapping to all kinds of music including Christmas. It is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen. This brings me to my third point where she likes the dancing form of Santa. She enjoyed a lot of time dancing to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock and giving Santa some applause. I really didn't think Emerson would be into Christmas this year but it has been so much fun seeing her experience it for the first time. Speaking of first she just tried to get into her stocking. Oh dear.

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