Tuesday, December 1, 2009

9 months

These days I'm not above bribery to take picture of my very active 9 month old. When I say she is always on the go I'm not exaggerating. So I gave her one of her hair clips that I made her.

It worked for about a minute.
She not only broke the bow from the clip but I have no idea where that clip is.

Isn't this a good look? She came up with it all on her own.
Miss Emerson, did you just eat that bow?

I then proceeded to pry the bow out of her mouth while she clinched her jaws down hard. She has gotten rather good at that.
At the end I have taken 100 pictures, with only a handful useable.

Does anyone have any ideas to preoccupy a baby to take some good photos? Because I'm all ears. I have no idea why this is underlining but I can't fix it. Oh well!


Brittany said...

HAHA! I know the feeling, it is impossible...the only thing that sometimes works is to have Jason over my shoulder making him laugh, and that lasts for like 10 secs. maybe. :)

Nichole said...

That one of her eating the hairbow is priceless!!! We also use bribery for photos on a regular basis. Baby carrots are a big hit, cold crunchy food that feels good on teeth. We've also resorted to cookies (I think that started around 14 months). When in doubt, I hand over the lens cap, and it usually works for a few seconds.