Thursday, December 31, 2009

Counting Sheep

So you may remember me talking about our starting a new sleep routine. I was good about it for awhile but a few nights of Emerson waking up literally every 20 minutes in the crib I'm sad to say I gave up. It seemed when I held Emerson she passed out and slept until we went to bed, and much into the early morning hours. One touch of the crib and she magically woke up, no matter how zonked out she looked. Fast forward a couple months and she had been going to bed between 8-9:30. No big deal there, even if it was only sleeping with me. Then we went out and about for four days to celebrate Christmas. Somehow her sleep is a hot mess. Yesterday she took 5 naps! I tried several times to wake her up and she cried and cried. It was just plain pitiful. When she woke up at 5pm, we ran errands came back took a bath around 7:30 and got ready for bed. I was feeling optimistic as she feel asleep for the first time around 9:20. Then suddenly 30 minutes later popped straight up. She is the only baby I have ever seen wake up straight to sitting. Not open her eyes while laying down then sit up. It's pretty crazy. After failed attempts I took her upstairs to my bed to relax her a bit. After 2 more falling asleep and shooting straight up I pretty much held her down. I don't know who fell asleep first, probably me. So she is going to bed around 11pm (yikes!) and waking up around 8am. Since she woke up this morning she has been following me around tugging my pants leg. We are down for nap 1 at 9am. I'm assuming most of these problems are self-induced but I'm really at a lost to how to get a baby that can't stop moving to sleep. Here's hoping in 2010 we have better luck so I don't pull my hair out. If she thinks she can stay up until midnight to see the ball drop she is mistaken! Ha!

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