Monday, December 7, 2009

9 month check-up

I'm a little behind since her appointment was on Friday but with all the decorating and baby chasing I've been busy. Mark got to escort us to Emerson's appointment this time so she was pretty happy. I dressed E. in red cords and a christmas shirt with glittery pink and all kinds of girlyness and the nurse still said HE. Urgggh. Seriously? Oh well, next time I guess she'll have to wear a huge bow whether she likes it or not. Emerson weighed 14lb 140z, gaining quite more than I expected. She is 27.5 inches tall leaving her 50th% in height and under 5th % in weight. No surprise there! There was a med student there who Emerson wasn't too found of. Ha. She had a breakdown when she touched her. Emerson only had one shot and there was less crying with the shot than when she was being examined. Go figure. I love Doctors appointments simply for the fact I totally trust Emerson's pediatrician and I know she will give us good advice, not guilt trip us, and actually make us feel like everything is normal. We explained to her our sleeping dilemma of the constant wake-ups and super early mornings. She said Emerson is discovering that she can keep herself awake which is a big developmental milestone. Yay???? So hopefully we can find a balance between sufficient napping and a normal bedtime. Or else we are going to have to start our day at 5am. I guess Emerson doesn't know Mom isn't an early bird. On a more positive development Emerson is now signing for milk. It is so cute. I can't believe how quickly she picked it up. I guess I should learn something else to teach her since she is so smart! Perhaps "Go go sleep!" Hehe.


The Donley's said...

Wow- she is such a sweet (tiny) little thing!! I was WAY off with my weight guess. Chatham was 22 lbs. 12 oz. last week (8mos. 1wk.) I can't wait to see them together this weekend!!!

Amy and Mark said...

He sure doesn't look that big!