Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Months Old

We're in the double digits! I can't believe Emerson is 10 months old. It really blows my mind. Just think this time last year Emerson was bouncing away in my tummy because of all the Christmas treats I was chowing down.
Christmas 2008

I think Emerson has changed A LOT in the last month. I can just see her growth everyday. Here is what's going on with Miss Thang right now.

*She is cruising all over the place and can even get up to standing by scaling the wall.
*She loves to dance and is always bouncing up and down.
*She loves music and even gives the church band applause when they play.
*She says mama, dada pretty frequently now.
*She has found her tongue to be fun and can flip it on it's side and fold it in half. It's quite a talent.
*She gives firm but loving kisses and says mmmm while she does it.
*She has on a few occasions enjoyed an apple slice but for the most part has no interest in food. Although she has tried to take several cookies from me. Haha.
*She loves her Daddy! She has recently taken to going to sleep while he hold her and cuddling with him at night.
*She is really into other babies/kids. She will babble and yell at them in her own unique baby language.
*She adores animals and shows her excitement by squeling, giggling, and going AAHHH like she wants to express to us that she sees them.
*She has a ball looking at herself in the mirror and has fun waving at herself and giggling.
*She loves looking at pictures of herself and puts on a huge grin. Not lacking for confidence!
*She hates diaper and clothing changes and uses all her might to try to get away. She is much stronger than she looks!
*She's fearless. She has developed a recent interest in climbing stairs and will turn around and throw herself off. Not one of my favorite things.
*She is a super speedy crawler on all fours.
*Her favorite activity is taking everything off our night stand shelves. Mainly her Dad's hats.

Emerson is just a joy to be around. Super happy, silly, goofy, and fun! Not to say she isn't a handful because this girl is into everything. But, I wouldn't trade this age for the world. I just wish I could bottle it up and remember every second. Happy Birthday Emerson. It's almost your "real" birthday!

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