Monday, December 21, 2009

"Snowed" in

Last Friday afternoon when we were suppose to be snowed in Emerson found ways to keep herself occupied. I had been running errands all morning in the attempt to avoid the "winter weather" and she fell asleep so I placed the carseat in the living room. After she woke up, not thinking anything of it, I left it there. I was busy wrapping Christmas presents, etc when I turned to see this.
Apparently she likes her carseat if she is not confined to it.
Oops, I've been caught!!
She had a blast entertaining herself as you can see.
Emerson is really into buckles. I think she is just practicing to unfasten herself when I put her in.
Like any good dog, Mia lent a hand.
It might be hard to see but she flipped the carseat over. Yes, she flipped it. Then proceeded to make it a rocking horse. I think Mia is a little jealous that Emerson created a new toy.
The dog also helps out with dirty diaper patrol.
Am I in trouble?
Ok, then I will continue!
This creation of non-toys into toys has become very common. I'm rethinking all those presents she has under the tree.....

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